Everything you need to know about commercial property management in Perth

An Introduction

Owning commercial investment property in Perth is highly rewarding, yet it doesn’t come without complexity. From changing regulations to tenant relations and maintenance, effectively managing these types of assets takes knowledge and effort. This guide aims to equip commercial landlords in Perth with an in-depth look at best practices for commercial property management success.


Using This Guide

Navigating the world of commercial real estate investing in Perth does not need to be a frustrating, solitary endeavour. This guide serves as a comprehensive resource tailored specifically to landlords and their commercial property management needs.

Throughout this guide, we’ll help you navigate:

Whether you’re looking to switch commercial property management companies or are just getting started in your investment journey, this guide will help you make informed commercial property management decisions to maximise returns, minimise headaches, and achieve new levels of success.


What is Commercial Property Management?

Commercial property management is the process of maintaining a commercial investment property such as an office, warehouse, or retail outlet. A good commercial property manager will ensure the property is kept in good condition and continually generates a positive return on investment through operations and lease payments.

Some commercial property investors choose self-management. However, there are many financial, legal, and time commitments involved with managing your commercial property. This is why most investors in Australia partner with a professional commercial property management company.

The right commercial property management company will not only maintain your asset, but can save landlords time and headaches, and use their market insights to maximise your return on investment.


Getting Started with Commercial Property Management

Setting off on the right foot when you’re getting started with commercial property management is a significant step towards achieving financial success and long-term investment growth.

One crucial decision is whether to opt for self-management or enlist the services of a professional commercial property management company.

Choosing between these approaches hinges on factors such as your expertise, available time commitment, and the scale of your property portfolio. While self-management provides a hands-on approach, it demands a substantial time investment and a comprehensive understanding of property management intricacies. On the other hand, engaging a commercial property management company offers expertise, time efficiency, and the ability to navigate complex regulations, making it an appealing option for those seeking a streamlined and professional management solution for their commercial properties in Perth.

Already have a company managing your property? Learn what’s involved in switching commercial property managers.


Working with Your Commercial Property Manager

Collaborating effectively with your property manager is essential for successful commercial property management.

Commercial property managers play a key role in overseeing operations, tenant relations, and property maintenance.

When selecting a commercial property manager, it’s important to consider qualities such as experience, communication skills, and knowledge of local regulations. Be sure to also look at other factors like performance, responsiveness, and the alignment of their services with your investment goals.

This strategic approach ensures a harmonious and productive relationship with your property manager while optimising the performance of your commercial investment property.


Commercial Property Management Services

Common commercial property management services include handling lease agreements, rent collection, property inspections, maintenance oversight, financial reporting, compliance monitoring and managing tenant requests or issues. By utilising these services, landlords can save significant time while benefitting from the expertise of experienced property managers.

At Vast Commercial Property, our mission is to offer a range of personalised property management services for our clients that will drive the highest returns on their commercial property investments. Our commitment to exceptional service means we go above and beyond industry standards, offering transparent advice, round-the-clock responsiveness, and customised property management plans to ensure your success.


Commercial Property Management Specialties

Perth’s diverse commercial property landscape offers a wide range of assets for commercial property investors, from office buildings in the CBD to industrial facilities in outer suburbs and retail spaces in bustling shopping districts. Each property type presents unique challenges and opportunities, requiring specialised management approaches to maximise returns and minimise risks.

At Vast Commercial Property, we specialise in the management of three key commercial property types: office, industrial, and retail. Our expertise in these areas allows us to provide tailored services that cater to the specific needs of each property type in Perth’s dynamic market.

Office Property Management

Office properties, ranging from high-rise buildings to co-working spaces, require meticulous attention to lease agreements, tenant relations, and regulatory compliance. Our office property management services focus on maintaining a professional environment that attracts and retains quality tenants while ensuring smooth operations and optimal financial performance.
Explore our Office Property Management Guide for in-depth insights.

Industrial Property Management

Industrial properties, such as warehouses and distribution centers, present distinct challenges in terms of zoning regulations, utility management, and tenant-specific requirements. Our industrial property management expertise ensures compliance with complex regulations, efficient facility management, and effective tenant relations to optimise the value of your industrial assets. Discover more in our Industrial Property Management Guide.

Retail Property Management

Retail properties, including shopping centers and standalone storefronts, require a keen understanding of local market trends and consumer preferences. Our retail property management services emphasise effective lease administration, proactive property maintenance, and targeted marketing strategies to attract the right tenants and maximise rental income.
Learn more in our Retail Property Management Guide.

By leveraging our specialised knowledge and proven strategies in these three property types, we help you navigate the complexities of commercial property management and achieve your investment goals in Perth’s dynamic market.


Costs and Fees

Typical costs involved with commercial property management include management fees based on a percentage of rent collected, as well as charges for services like marketing, leasing commissions and project management of maintenance or upgrades. Understanding these fees allows landlords to accurately forecast returns.

Learn more about what you can expect in terms of commercial property management fees in Perth.


Regulations and Compliance

There are various regulations around commercial leases, safety standards, accessibility, zoning and more that commercial properties in Perth must comply with. Professional property managers understand these intricate rules and ensure landlords avoid costly penalties.

In addition to meeting government regulations, commercial properties may need to adhere to other commercial property compliance standards around sustainability, quality management systems and more. Property managers implement systems and processes to monitor compliance across all required areas.


Vast Commercial Property Management Perth

Are you ready to unlock the full potential of your commercial properties in Perth? Whether you need assistance with a specific property management issue or want to explore the entire guide, we’re here to help.

At Vast Commercial Property, we are your dedicated Perth-local commercial property managers, proudly led by business owners Eddie and Greg. As commercial property investors ourselves, we intimately understand the unique needs and concerns of commercial property investors. When you choose to partner with Vast, you deal directly with Eddie and Greg for a top-quality service. We build personal relationships focused on open communication and transparency. Our goal is to make property management effortless for investors.

Discover the Vast Commercial difference – contact us today to learn how our bespoke approach can unlock your commercial property’s potential.

Have questions about commercial property management in Perth?

Frequently Asked Questions

Do commercial property management companies in Perth handle property marketing and advertising?

Yes, most commercial property management firms have in-house teams to handle activities like creating property brochures, online listings, coordinating inspections for potential tenants, placing ads and negotiating offers. This marketing expertise allows them to maximise interest in vacant spaces.

How do I stay updated on market trends and property valuations in Perth?

Reputable property management companies closely analyse commercial real estate market data and can provide regular reports to clients on rental rate benchmarks, vacancy rates, yield forecasts and other useful insights. Many also offer free valuations.

What is the typical duration of a commercial property management agreement in Perth?

Standard contracts are often 12 months+ with options to renew, as this allows sufficient time for managers to lease spaces, implement improvement plans and demonstrate performance. 30-60 days notice is usually required for early termination.

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